Wednesday, January 22, 2014


A few good ones lately.

"Bazombie"- as in the walking dead.  They have bones but no brains apparently.

Recently I traveled to Europe for work.  I brought back these little boxes of sprinkles that were out on the hotel breakfast buffet for putting on toast.  One box was "rainbow" sprinkles but was really only yellow and orange.  This is the conversation that followed:

Jack: "Why aren't there ALL the colors?"
Me: "Maybe Europeans just like orange and yellow."
Jack (confused); "My pen*s likes orange and yellow?"
Me: "EUR-O-PEANS, not your pen*s."

This was a Skype discussion Jack had with my parents:
Jack: "Mom brought me kinder eggs back from syrup."
Gramma: "Syrup?"
Jack: "Yeah, syrup where she went for work."
Gramma: "We need to get you a globe."

The other day Jack was sledding with some other kids from the neighborhood and crashed while riding with another boy.  He was quite upset and stood up and started stomping up the hill shouting "this is UNACCEPTABLE!"

Monday, December 30, 2013

Ski day at Shawnee Peak

Dec 2013 Shawnee Peak from Kristin Mesires on Vimeo.

I took Jack skiing this past weekend.  He started out a bit tentative but realized that a good run earned him M&Ms.  He did fantastic and was even starting to turn on his own.  He will be off the ropes in no time.

Friday, November 01, 2013


Recently we paid a visit to the local penny candy store.  Jack picked out sourball without really knowing what he was getting into.

Sour! from Kristin Mesires on Vimeo.

Naia rolls over

Just a couple of Naia videos to keep the grandparents happy.

Naia rolls over from Kristin Mesires on Vimeo.

Naia Laughing from Kristin Mesires on Vimeo.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

4 months

It's been a little over a month since my last Naia update and things have changed considerably. She has changed from an infant to a round-faced, chubby, smiley baby.  In some ways she looks a lot like Jack did when he was that age but she is her own person for sure.  Although she is a good size I don't think she is off the charts like Jack was.  She smiles all the time and has this belly laugh that is contagious.  She loves her brother and he can always get a laugh from her.  She has great head control now and is really trying hard to roll over but hasn't quite mastered it yet.  She has figured out how to grab the musical frog on her bouncy seat and can make it play over and over.

She is now sleeping in her crib most of the time but she picked up a cold at daycare so she has been in her swing when her nose is too stuffed up and she needs to be more upright. She no longer eats during the night but we usually have to go in a settle her at least once.  Mostly that just means putting the binky back in her mouth.  She is still swaddled and hasn't tried fighting it at all so we are keeping her that way for now.  I know Jack was out of the swaddle at this point but I just don't think she is ready yet. Besides, I am really not interested in messing with her sleep right now.  We put her down for the night around 7, top her off around 9 without really waking her up or unswaddling and then she is good until anywhere from 6 to 8am.  A lot of days I actually have to wake her up so we can get to daycare.  Jack was always an early riser and would be up at 5am at that age.  He still doesn't sleep much past 6:30.  I realize that she is now a great sleeper and I honestly never thought she would be doing this well so soon.

It really amazes me how much happier she is these days.  She is still on the special formula and I haven't had any desire to change that.  It is expensive but totally worth it. Things almost seem back to normal around here.

So normal in fact that I got back in the pool this past weekend.  I went to Master's practice for the first time in 6 months.  I managed to get my own lane so I was able to go at my own pace.  I managed 2500 meters and was pleased.  I have also been running more and have started running before work again with Otto.  We have a new gym at work and I have done a few classes there including some kettlebell and TRX classes which I have really enjoyed.  The baby weight is coming off at a pretty consistent pace.  I have 10 more pounds to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight but more like 12-14 pounds to go to get to where I would like to be.  Hopefully it will keep coming off at the current rate. I have lost about 7 since I have been back at work so I am encouraged. Heck, I am only 4 months out and it took 9 months to put it on.

Jack is doing well with all of the changes.  He definitely gets a little jealous sometimes and has been requesting more "mom time" lately but in general he is a big help.  He did a soccer skills clinic for a few weeks and seemed to really enjoy it.  He has asked to try basketball next and has been wondering when swim lessons will start.  He has started a Pre K curriculum through daycare and is doing pretty well with it.  He loves reading and is doing well with his letters and numbers.

This post is already far longer than I expected but I guess that is what happens when I do this only once a month or so. I'll leave you all with a few recent pictures.


Friday, September 06, 2013


This kid is on a roll lately. Here are a few of his latest gems:

Wrestlehousing- cross between wrestling and rough-housing.  Usually used in the following manner: "Dad, do you want to wrestlehouse?"

Dingding- Somewhere along the line he picked this up as a term for pen*s. As in "Dad, I hit you right in the dingding!"

Recently he has been very interested in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and purchased a costume set (with his own allowance) that include a set of nunchuks.  He asked to bring them to school and I said he could not because weapons are not allowed at school.  He replied "but mom, they're like frisbees, only more violent."

He also still has a hard time with the sound made by the letter "v" and often substitutes a "b" sound. He eats "begetables," and celebrates "Balantine's Day.

Not the nunchuks but still cool (and also not allowed at school)

First day of Pre-K (note Donatello mask in hand)
Soccer practice

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Moving on

I thought I would check in before I head back to work next week.  Naia is doing great and is like a different baby.  She is still sleeping in her swing but only wakes up once between 7:30 and 6:30.  It can be as early as midnight or as late as 4am.  She has now been to daycare twice and has done really well. Incidentally both 4am feeds were on nights she was at daycare.  I think it tires her out!  We did a little experiment and gave her some regular formula to see how it went.  It went badly.  She is still having some diarrhea from it but at least we know for sure she is reacting to something. Unfortunately that means that the breast milk in the freezer is probably going to get tossed.  However, it really isn't worth it.

Recently we had a slew of visitors.  Nick's sister, Maria, came for a few days followed by my parents. While my folks were here we went to dinner at my aunt's one night, and some friends another night.  Naia did wonderfully and handled being passed around like a champ.  She didn't fuss much and was generally very pleasant.  An added bonus was that the excitement caused her to sleep nearly 8 hours straight.

Jack has been awesome too and is excited to have his sister joining him at "school" soon.  I have to record a couple of cute "Jack-isms."   My aunt has a kids horseshoe game that Jack loves but for some reason he can't remember what it is called and always asks to play "Horsefeet."

At one of the dinners we attended last week someone gave Jack some ginger ale to try.  His response: "It goes ding dong on my lips!"

While my parents were here we put Naia in daycare and had a special Jack day.  We started with Candlepin bowling.  Jack won (the score sheet is taped to the wall in our entryway at his eye level) and after a strike he turned around, threw his hands in the air and exclaimed "HOLY MACARONI!"
With Thea Maria

Always a teacher :)

You complete me.

With gramma

Evening snooze by the ocean

First day of "school"

Bowling champs